Our Efficient Filing Process
Over the past 45 years First Consulting has refined and improved our filing process to maximize speed and efficiencies.  First Consulting will complete required forms, certifications, perform Flesch scores, complete forms Checklists, handle forms Objections, and we update our website daily with any Status Updates so that you always know exactly where each state filing is at.

Analysts are for Analyzing, Not Filing
Using First Consulting’s filing experts is not only affordable, but it also allows your analyst to focus on those tasks that require their expertise, not the routine filing work.

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Sean Cox


Is your Company planning to expand its corporate authority?

Action such as a name change, re-domestication, acquisition, merger, or adding a new jurisdiction or line of business will require a change in your certificate of authority from each insurance department. The NAIC's Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) has streamlined the corporate amendment filing process, but the process is still time consuming. Making a UCAA filing may be a one-time event for your staff and the experience may not be used again.

First Consulting can help with UCAA filings.
We can reduce the amount of time and effort expended. We are experienced in the UCAA filing process and are familiar with the various state-specific requirements that exist in addition to the UCAA requirements. Our UCAA Filing Services include advising what materials are needed for each state’s filing, assembly of the filings, and follow up, as necessary, to secure approval of the filings. Having First Consulting provide these services can free your staff for other functions and projects.

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John Palmer



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C. J. Rathbun, FLMI, CCEP, HIA, AIRC