First Consulting has on outstanding career opportunity for the person who wants to join a team of compliance professionals in a leadership role. 

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Identifying applicable laws and regulations to complex insurance regulatory and compliance issues can be difficult. Determining their applicability to your specific company, its products, and needs is often even more complex.

First Consulting recognizes these difficulties and uses a wealth of knowledge and experience that its associates possess to provide insurance research tailored to your company’s unique needs. You specify the scope of the research, the states to be included, the lines of business and all other parameters. We will work with you to determine the format in which results will be presented ensuring that the people that need to use the information can do so as easily as possible. We can even help update and maintain the research, if that is desired.

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Jerry L. Wickersham, J.D., AIRC



Did you know that there are no exemptions for small companies or fraternal insurers under the new NAIC Corporate Governance Models?

The NAIC has made an affirmative decision not to exempt small companies or fraternal insurers from any of these new corporate governance requirements. Here are some highlights of the changes:

  • The Board as a whole needs to possess all of what the NAIC calls “core competencies” of accounting or finance, business judgment, industry knowledge, management, leadership, vision and strategy.
  • Regulators will be looking for Corporate Governance Guidelines that document established key governance principles.
  • Regulators want to understand the frequency at which information on each critical risk area is reported to and reviewed by senior management and the Board.

First Consulting’s new Corporate Governance Tool Kit provides you with a budget-friendly solution for compliance readiness with these new requirements.

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Carol Stern, FLMI, AIRC, ACS