Third Party Administrator (TPA) Licensing Services

Currently, forty-three (43) states require some type of license to act as a Third Party Administrator.  First Consulting has researched the licensing requirements in all states, and developed three different methods to assist TPA’s with licensing:

  1. Full Service Licensing Service:  Put First Consulting’s experience to work for you.  We’ll complete the necessary applications and transmittals and coordinate the procurement and submission of any other required materials for each state. (contact us for a quote)
  2. On-Line Licensing Manual, with telephone support:  For the do-it yourselfer that desires assistance on an as-needed basis, you will receive the On-Line Licensing Manual plus up to 10 hours/year of consulting with an experienced associate that can provide you answers to your questions as you complete the necessary licensing applications.  ($1,500 per year)
  3. On-Line Licensing Manual:  24/7 access to everything you need to create and file your own TPA licensing applications in each state (1 year subscription is $600):
  • Links to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Definitions of what constitutes a TPA in each state and a listing of any organizations that are not included.
  • Initial and Renewal Licensing Requirements.
  • Links to each state’s Licensing Application forms.
  • Bonding requirements.

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