Status & Online Research
Status & Online Research

Status & Online Research

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As part of our flexible Co-Sourcing approach to regulatory assistance, status reports inform our clients of the current status of all of their filing projects in process. Found on our web site, each entry in the status report will show information about a particular filing in a particular state, such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Is it Approved?
  • Status/Pending (who is responsible for the next step: the Department, FCA, or the Client)
  • Date submitted.
  • When is the next follow-up scheduled?
  • Comments specific to that filing in that particular state.
  • Form numbers.

With the information on the website, you can retrieve your report anytime you want. You have the flexibility to create a report that fits your specific needs, such as review recent changes, review records for a particular state, or search for a particular form, among others. You can also download the information into an excel spreadsheet.

Information about your filings is kept confidential, and only you and the users you designate will have access to the status of your filings.

Feel free to check out a sample of a status report by using the following user ID and password:

User ID: abctest
Password: fcatest01

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or call 800.927.2730

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