At First Consulting & Administration, our flexible approach to regulatory and compliance assistance is much better described not as outsourcing - but as Co-Sourcing.

With Co-Sourcing, clients maintain a role in the process at whatever level is most appropriate for the specific company and project. 

Briefly stated, Co-Sourcing with First Consulting involves the deployment of both in-house and outsourced resources in a manner that effectively leverages expertise and resources.

Co-Sourcing with First Consulting:

  • Allows entities to maximize their efforts by delegating specific sub-parts of the total function while maintaining control of all projects.
  • Enables compliance professionals to improve quality by functioning as the reviewer and not the doer.
  • Makes it easy for a client’s staff to learn as the work progresses. Knowledge does not remain solely with an outside consultant, as it may when work is outsourced.
  • Resolves the in-house staffing level dilemma. With First Consulting available to assist with peak workloads, organizations do not need to choose between staffing for such situations and missing opportunities because of regulatory or compliance backlogs.

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