John B. Palmer, III, B.B.A., J.D., CLU, FLMI, ChFC, AIRC, ACS

Of Counsel

To assist today's insurance executives and managers, more than just narrowly focused knowledge is needed. A balance between the big picture and details is essential. Palmer's wide range of experience, from agent to company vice president to attorney, allows him to apply that type of balance to benefit First Consulting's clients and to supplement First Consulting's team with First Consulting's Partners.

Palmer's areas of expertise include policy and contract drafting, clients' regulatory filing and approvals, advertising compliance and other regulatory issues, particularly life, annuities, long-term care and critical illness. He has provided legal advice to policyowner service and claims operations. He has assisted in the development of life and annuity products from term to equity-indexed, as well as long term care, critical illness and specialty property and casualty products.

"At First Consulting," John says, "we have a team that can combine new and innovative ideas with proven principles and methodology to get results. Our First Consulting Partners each have the same type of innovative team."