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September 2017

Welcome to our latest newsletter!  As a thought leader in the Insurance Industry for over 48 years we are always excited to share the latest sampling of insurance compliance related bulletins, regulations and legislative activity. Please feel free to share this newsletter with others that may be interested. Contact Us with any questions on the items in this newsletter or with any other compliance related matter we can assist you with. Enjoy!


Arizona enacted legislation to exempt certain items from classification as advertising/sales material requiring filing.     House Bill 2386; 20-1110

Nevada issued a bulletin advising that certain insurers are allowed to provide to an insured or prospective insured prizes and gifts, goods, wares, merchandise, gift certificates, charitable donations, raffle entries, meals, event tickets and other items not to exceed $100 in aggregate value in a calendar year.  It provides notice of the withdrawal of Bulletin 10-005A.     Bulletin 17-003-W


Connecticut published a notice to all Certified Insurance Consultants (CICs) stating that renewal notifications were emailed to all active licensees the last week of July.  If a licensee did not receive the notification, they may email the Department at to request a copy. Other instructions are noted as well.     Notice dated August 1, 2017

Illinois amended provisions concerning financial institutions transacting insurance business to stipulate that producer licensing is not required under specified circumstances.     HB 759; 215 ILCS 5/1403

New Mexico issued a bulletin to all resident and non-resident license applicants.  All applicants are now required to apply using the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) online application process. Paper applications may only be used by applicants who are unable to apply online.     Bulletin 2017-010


Connecticut issued a bulletin to all companies licensed to write automobile liability insurance in the state regarding an increase in the minimum amount of insurance coverage required to issue a motor vehicle operator's license or certificate of motor vehicle registration.     Bulletin PC-86

Delaware amended sections of the Delaware Motorist Protection Act, effective December 13, 2017. Included in the changes is an increase in the minimum bodily injury and property damage limits for automobile insurance policies.     603 Form A; 603 s 11.0; 603 s 13.0; 603 s 14.0; 603 s 15.0; 603 s 3.0; 603 s 5.0; 603 s 7.0


California issued a notice to all insurers that corporate applications and similar filings needing Department approval by year-end 2017 must be submitted no later than September 15, or, in the case of a holding company application, no later than October 20, 2017.  Only "perfected" applications (those filed electronically via Oasis or in duplicate to the Corporate Affairs Bureau with specified inclusions) will receive expedited review.     Notice of Year-End Review Procedures dated August 10, 2017

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Tennessee promulgated a new regulation addressing Unfair Claims Settlement Practices.     0780-01-05-.01+


Delaware enacted legislation to expand its Code to include Chapter 85, the "Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Act." The first filing of the CGAD will be in 2018.     Senate Bill 40; Chapter 85


Delaware amended its code regarding the use of credit information in personal insurance, effective May 1, 2018. The changes apply to all policies of automobile, motorcycle, boat and personal watercraft, recreational vehicle, homeowners, mobile-homeowners, manufactured homeowners insurance, and noncommercial dwelling fire insurance issued by an insurer for personal or family protection.     HB 80; 18 s 2503;  18 s 8301 - 18 s 8304; 18 s 8305 - 18 s 8312


New York issued a circular letter regarding claims arising out of flooding of Lake Ontario. The letter reminds all carriers covering homes or businesses in the areas affected by the flooding of their obligations.     Circular Letter 2017-10

Texas Bulletin B-00018-17 encourages insurers who deny coverage for wind losses to inform policyholders of potential coverage under the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) if the loss occurred in the TWIA coverage area.     Bulletin B-00018-17

Texas Bulletin B-0009-17 regarding Hurricane Harvey asks carriers to provide relief to policyholders in counties covered in the governor's proclamations, including the suspension of premium payments to allow continuing insurance coverage.     Bulletin B-0009-17

Texas Bulletin B-0015-17 stating that it is the opinion of the Department that it is inappropriate for insurers to re-rate, cancel, nonrenew, or refuse to provide coverage due solely to a policyholder's status as a victim or evacuee of Hurricane Harvey.     Bulletin B-0015-17

Texas Bulletin B-0021-17 asks insurers responding to flood loss inquiries and claims to provide additional information to their insureds about potential Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance and FEMA contact information including the website.     Bulletin B-0021-17

Texas issued a bulletin concerning the use of credit information and credit scoring following Hurricane Harvey.  Carriers are reminded of their obligations under §559.103, which allows an insurer to grant an exception to an insurer's rates, rating classifications, or underwriting rules for an applicant for insurance coverage or an insured for an extraordinary event.     Bulletin B-0016-17

Texas issued a bulletin regarding Hurricane Harvey claims adjusting.  The Department encourages carriers to use all available means to provide prompt and immediate relief to residents and policyholders.     Bulletin B-0011-17

Texas issued a bulletin regarding Hurricane Harvey relief efforts to provide guidance for insurers. The bulletin states that The Texas Department of Insurance is of the opinion that in instances where insureds or potential insureds are temporary participants in the relief effort of Hurricane Harvey, it is inappropriate for insurers to re-rate, cancel, nonrenew, or refuse to provide coverage due solely to that participation.     Bulletin B-0013-17

Texas issued a bulletin reminding adjusters, building and repair contractors, and insurers, that an insurer or its representative, or any other person, may not misrepresent the terms and provisions of a policy.  In addition, under §5.9970 persons insured under a homeowners or dwelling policy are entitled to have their home repaired by the person of their choice.     Bulletin B-0017-17


Florida promulgated a rule adopting the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Financial Condition Examiners Handbooks 2017 and 2016, incorporating them by reference.     FAC 69O-138.001


Hawaii enacted legislation concerning the state's participation in the National Flood Insurance Program.     HB 1418


New Jersey published an order regarding the imposition of a surcharge for recoupment of the New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association assessment due September 15, 2017.     Order No. A17-110 Dated August 3, 2017


The U.S. Virgin Islands enacted legislation to repeal title 22 Virgin Islands Code section 1251(a) and add chapter 14 entitled "The Virgin Islands Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Act" to meet accreditation standards of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.     House Bill 42


Louisiana issued an opinion stating that a combined single limit policy of liability insurance with a single limit of $3 million satisfies the minimum liability insurance requirement of LA R.S. 9:2795.6(F), which is stated in terms of split policy limits.     Attorney General Opinion 17-0108

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Missouri enacted legislation providing that if an insurance company is required to pay interest on any claims, refunds, penalties, or payments under a market conduct examination, or any other legal or remedial action and the interest rate is not provided for by law, interest will be at the annual adjusted prime rate of interest, but under no circumstance shall such interest rate exceed 9% per annum.     House Bill 292, 374.191

Pennsylvania issued a notice providing the new per diem charges for market conduct examinations of insurance companies.     Notice 2017-08


Rhode Island amended its law entitled "Unfair Competition and Practices" by adding a definition of domestic partnership and listing among such practices any unfair discrimination by treating domestic partners differently than marriage partners for purposes of premiums, policy fees or rates charged for policies of casualty, fire, homeowners, marine or automobile insurance.     House Bill 5951A; 27-29-2, 27-29-4


New York issued a circular letter to all insurers regarding the insurance industry's position to influence the economic effects of climate change. It urges all insurers to complete the annual Climate Risk Disclosure Survey and provides examples of day-to-day operations that can have a positive effect on the environment.     Circular Letter 2017-9


Arkansas issued a bulletin regarding the amendment of several property and casualty regulations including the Motor Vehicle Service Contract Act, Captive Insurance Companies, and the depreciation applicable when determining the value of damaged property.      Bulletin 13-2017


Alaska issued a regulatory order requiring use of Online Premium Tax for Insurance portal (OPTins) for reporting and payment of premium tax, effective with the 2017 reporting year (due March 1, 2018).     Regulatory Order No. R 17-05

Delaware issued a bulletin informing all admitted and approved domestic and foreign insurance companies, including foreign risk retention groups, risk purchasing groups, accredited reinsurers, and surplus lines insurance companies, that premium tax reports and fees must be filed through the Online Premium Tax for Insurance portal (OPTins). The Department will not accept paper filings on or after January 1, 2018.     Domestic/Foreign Insurers Bulletin No. 96


Arkansas issued a bulletin clarifying that based on recent legislation, expense depreciation is permitted when determining loss under an insurance policy covering damaged property.  "Expense Depreciation" is defined as depreciation, including but not limited to the cost of goods, materials, labor, and services necessary to replace, repair, or rebuild damaged property.     Bulletin 10-2017


Texas issued a bulletin regarding the Terrorism Risk Insurance Data Call which is due September 30, 2017.  The New York Department will serve as the single point of collection for this data call.     Bulletin #B-0007-17


Colorado amended its regulation concerning the formation and/or operation of risk retention groups and purchasing groups, effective October 1, 2017.     3 CCR 702 Reg. 2-1-8


Illinois amended requirements concerning vehicle protection products.     HB 3072


Alaska issued a bulletin providing an updated whitelist of eligible surplus lines insurers.     Bulletin B 17-05

Alaska issued a bulletin regarding line codes to be used on the Report of Surplus Lines Transaction form.     Bulletin B 17-06


Alaska issued a bulletin regarding requirements for transportation network company operations.     Bulletin B 17-04


Connecticut enacted legislation regulating the offer and dissemination of travel insurance, defining terms and specifying fees for licensing, among other details.     House Bill 7024


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