Special Offer

2013 MIB Authorization Change:
Special Offer From First Consulting & Administration, Inc.

First Consulting & Administration, Inc. is pleased to extend a special offer to MIB member companies as they begin their efforts to re-file their authorizations with state insurance departments in order to comply with MIB Group’s recently announced change to the MIB authorization.  MIB Group, Inc. announced last November that it will require all members to modify the MIB authorization by January 1, 2013 so that the applicant will expressly consent to reporting personal health information to MIB. Currently, the MIB authorization elicits the applicant’s affirmative consent to search MIB while implied consent to report the applicant’s personal information is derived from the MIB pre-notice.

In cooperation with MIB and in support of its initiative, First Consulting & Administration, Inc. is offering the following:

The Special Offer
First Consulting will make nationwide state insurance department filings for a flat fee of $5000 per filing. That is a flat fee of less than $100 per jurisdiction.

First Consulting will also make filings with the Interstate Compact Commission (IIPRC) and each of the non-member states for a flat fee of $2500.

Finally, First Consulting will provide a no cost or obligation proposal to any MIB member Company who’s needs do not fit within the terms of this special offer.

About First Consulting
First Consulting & Administration, Inc. has served the insurance industry, including many MIB member companies, since 1969. First Consulting is an industry leader in the third party filings of policy forms.  The state insurance departments recognize First Consulting’s ability to provide quality filings containing all the requirements needed for review. First Consulting has been submitting filings via SERFF since 2002.

Additional information about First Consulting & Administration, Inc. and its services are available at www.firstconsulting.com.

The Details

The only change being made by a filing must be the change in the MIB Authorization. The change must be the change recommended by the MIB, including any state specific variation, should any be agreed to by MIB. Requests for a filing exception will be considered the same as a filing of a revised application.

Each filing may be of one or more application forms, but not more than six (6). All forms must be on a single company’s paper. All forms must be accepted under a single Type of Insurance (TOI) code.

For nationwide filings with the state insurance departments the $5000 flat fee will apply for filing with 35 to 53 jurisdictions.  For Interstate Compact filings the $2500 flat fee will apply for all member jurisdictions and up to 12 non-member jurisdictions.

The Insurer must provide copies of all forms, including state specific variations, with approval information including form number, date approved, SERFF number, and DOI number, if any. The member Company must designate a specific contact person. All certifications, checklists and other forms requiring Company approval must be returned to First Consulting, signed, within 5 business days.

Flat fees include the processing and forwarding to the Insurer of an electronic copy of each approval.

Flat fees do not include insurance department filing fees or SERFF units. SERFF units will be billed at $15 per unit. Flat fees do not include the handling of any objection letters. Professional fees for all objections will be billed at First Consulting’s standard hourly rates.

To take advantage of First Consulting & Administration, Inc.’s special offer or to obtain more information, contact John Palmer, Sean Cox or any First Consulting Consultant.

You may also send an inquiry to :


John B. Palmer, III, J.D., CLU, ChFC, FLMI, AIRC, ACS
Vice President & Senior Consultant

Sean P. Cox, HIA, MHP
Associate Consultant

About MIB:
MIB Group, Inc. ("MIB") is a membership corporation that has operated on a not-for-profit basis for over 109 years in the United States and Canada. MIB’s "Checking Service" protects its 450 member life and health insurance companies by providing an alert to the company when an individual applies for a life, health, disability income, critical illness or long-term care insurance policy and either forgets to answer an application question correctly or knowingly omits information that may be relevant in the risk assessment process.   By saving its members an estimated $1 billion annually,   MIB’s Checking Service helps ensure that member insurance companies can offer – and consumers can purchase – affordable life and health insurance protection.  

For more information regarding MIB’s authorization change, including FAQ’s and a whitepaper explaining the rationale for this new authorization language, members may consult the MIB Member Compliance microsite at: http://www.mib.com/html/compliance.html